First event of season for riders

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BUCHAN Riding Club held their Spring show and jumpting competition at Aden Park, Mintlaw, recently.

All classes had good entry numbers and it was nice to see so many supporters and spectators there to encourage the riders.

Covering all ages up to adult, the groups were well contested and several jump-offs were required to determine the winners.

Information on the events of the Buchan Riding Club can be found on their website at

Full results as follows:

Class 1 (40/50cm lead rein or assisted) - 1 Carey McLean (Rocky), 2 Tyler Knox (Little Miss Blue).

Class 1a (40/50cm unassisted) - 1 Jade Stewart (Buster), 2 Sophie Dickie Moir (Storm), 3 Carey McLean (Rocky), 4 Tyler Knox (Little Miss Blue).

Class 2 (60cm) - 1 Samantha Hanson (PIcture Perfect Penny), 2 Holly Dickie Moir (Willow), 3 Vicky Glasgow (Strictly Seven), 4 Zoe Anderson (Buzzy Bee).

Class 3 (70cm) - 1 Zoe Anderson (Buzzy Bee), 2 Samantha Hanson (Picture Perfect Penny), 3 Lynsey Anderson (Bullands), 4 Dorothy Drury (Silver Sadhbh).

Class 4 (75cm) - 1 Flora Lind (Madison), 2 Dorothy Drury (Silver Sadhbh), 3 Amy Irving (Poppy), 4 Kim Leith (Keltic-Icon).

Class 5 (85cm) - 1 Dione Ritchie (Autumn Surprise), 2 Flora Lind (Madison), 3 Toni Smith (Berryley Jackpot), 4 Kim Leith (Keltic Icon), 5 Layla Wiseman (Baby Sham), 6 Tara Jamieson (Mortimer).

Class 6 (90cm) - 1 Lindsay Park (Kingfisher), 2 Dione Ritchie (Autumn Surprise), 3 Flora Lind (Madison), 4 Layla Wiseman (Baby Sham), 5 Toni Smith (Berrylea Jackpot).

Class 7 (1 metre) - 1 Kirsty Preece (Pilots Rot Schon), 2 Flora Lind (Madison), 3 Lindsay Park (Kingfisher), 4 Caroline Muir (Doranston Clover), 5 Claire Fotheringham (Royal S), 6 Sophie Elder (Sammy).

Class 8 (open) - 1 Kirsty Preece (Pilot Rot Schon), 2 Claire Fotheringham (Royal S), 3 Sophie Elder (Sammy).