Excellent results at Delgatie

ANOTHER week at Delgatie Castle Troust Fishery with some excellent results, apart from half a dozen hardy souls written off Monday and Tuesday due to high wind conditions which made fishing quite difficult and led to knitting classes for anglers using droppers.

Discarded leader could be measured in kilometers. However Wednesday to Saturday produced excellent fishing conditions and good catches were recorded including B. Milne of Whitehills (27 fish up to 5lb), A. Gibson of Gardenstown (15 fish up to 11lb), J. West of Fraserburgh (14 fish to 4lb), R. Donald of Macduff (14 fish to 5lb), I. Burnett of Fraserburgh (13 fish), G. Wright of Buckie (9 fish), S. Anderson of Peterhead (9 fish) and B. Hutchison of Turriff (9 fish).

A total of 19 other anglers landed bags of six to nine fish with many in the 3-5lb range. Satruday saw father and son, P. and S. Conlan from Stuartfield, boat 36 fish with father landing 24 against 12 for his son but the 7lb best fish going to the son.

Fishing could be almost equally divided between the anglers operating in the surface layer with Sedges and Klinkhammers and an assortment of Buzzers yielding well whilst the other half favoured intermediate lines with a variety of lures. Both were equally successful. The Blue Trout are providing excellent surface antics when hooked.

Delgatie Castle is now a Troutmaster water and all anglers including beginners are welcome. Boats, rods and gear are available for hire. For all details phone Bob on 07980 999006.