Distinctly autumn feel to weather

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This week Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery experienced a distinctly autumnal feel to the weather.

There were low temperatures early in the morning although good fishing weather developed as the day progressed.

However, the main feature of the weather was the incessant rainfall during the weekend which brought the water levels up.

This lead to the colouring of the water becoming distinctly dirty and virtually unfish-able until Wednesday/Thursday when fresh water allowed the colour to dissipate and become fish-able again.

The weather conditions also impacted on angler numbers but towards the weekend activity increased and some good catches were recorded among them, the best of which were as follows:

P. Keir, Fyvie (87 fish over three sessions,Olive Fritz/Black Pennel); A. Murray, Gardenstown (16 fish, White Nomad, Black/Green Fritz); K. Meddocks, Aberdeen (11 fish, Pink Bunny Leech); C. MacMillan, Aberdeen (8 fish, Pink Bunny Leech); S. MacLean, Fraserburgh (7 fish, Olive WSW).

Now that the water levels have returned to normal with a good throughput of fresh water and the clarity is returning, coupled with a more settled forecast, the fishery is looking forward to a productive week’s fishing.

Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery is a Troutmaster water.

It is open seven days from 8am.

Closing time is controlled by light conditions but at present this remains at 6pm.

However, this will be revised during the next two weeks.

Visitors and novices are always welcome and booking is not necessary.

Boats (where required) rods and tackle are available for hire at the fishery.

For up to date information phone Bob on 07980 999 006.