Davie Hay claims Leicester Trophy win

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SUNDAY, June 19, saw Peterhead & District Racing Pigeon club send 130 birds to Leicester, a distance of approximately 340 miles.

The convoy was liberated at 9.30am into a west wind and high broken cloud and some heavy showers. Yet another testing race was on the cards and this was exactly the outcome.

The winning pigeon, arrived at 6.13pm to the loft of Davie Hay to claim the Leicester Trophy and also the trophy for first yearling. Returns were very spread out with some fanciers not seeing a bird until next morning.

On the same weekend several club members sent birds to compete in the Scottish National Flying Club race from Eastbourne, 475 miles. The birds were liberated at 10.45am on Sunday which meant it would be very difficult to see a bird home on the day.

Maskame & Mackie clocked a three-year-old cock at 4.57am on Monday to take first, club, first federation, first North Section, 122nd open against over 4,500 birds.

Leicester top 10 result as follows in yards per minute:

1 and 9 Davie Hay (1142, 821); 2 and 7 D & C McDougall (1140, 952); 3 Gordon Findlay (1138); 4 and 5 Gordon Willox (1062, 984); 6, 8 and 10 Maskame & Mackie (969, 942, 818).

Other members first birds as follows in yards per minute:

13 Chris Donaldson (804); 16 C & M Williams (775); 18 Steve Glew (754); 20 Irvine Buchan (738); 22 J & A Donaldson (711); 33 George Taylor (548); 37 Harry Hailwood (496).

The following week saw the club send 95 birds to Arniston, a distance of approximately 124miles. The birds were released at 11am into a south west wind and a fast race was expected.

The leading bird this week, a two-year-old cock arrived at the loft of George Taylor at 1.07pm to claim the red card. This win helped George to claim the trophy for best average from all Scottish racepoints.

Top 10 results as follows in yards per minute:

1, 4 and 5 George Taylor (1724, 1553, 1551); 2, 9 and 10 Irvine Buchan (16988, 1537, 1536); 3 Davie Hay (1566), 6, 7 and 8 J & A Donaldson (1549,1548.8, 1548.6).

Other members first birds in yards per minute:

12 C & M Williams (1417); 14 Maskame & Mackie (1361); 16 Gordon Findlay (1310); 22 Chris Donaldson (870).

Basketting for Hastings is on 7.30pm on Thursday.