CETCO Ythan Challenge date

With less than two months to go, the plotting and scheming for this year’s CETCO Ythan Challenge 2014 is well under way.

The course builders have just completed their first recce to identify the route of this year’s challenge – and the obstacles the runners will encounter along the way.

“All of the old favourites will be there – but they’ll not be where the runners remember them being from previous years,” said Bill Cowsell, organising committee secretary.

“We also have a few new surprises planned this year. Competitors who have run the course

before will find that it’s completely different this year, so past experience won’t help them.

“The one thing I can confirm is that the bog will be part of the race again – and that’s about the only thing that’s in the same place.”

Now in its 14th year, the multi-terrain obstacle race , which takes place at Ellon, was the forerunner of endurance races such as the Tough Mudder and the Beast at Banchory. Thisyear’s record breaking event will have 650 runners competing on Sunday June 15 – the

largest contingent ever.

CETCO Energy Services is principal sponsor of the event and Paul McAlister, CETCO area managing director, will be one of a contingent of 40 CETCO staff and clients taking part in

the 11K challenge.

“The only certainty about the route and the race is that it will be different from last year,” said Paul. “We have no idea what we will be up against and that’s what makes it really


“It’s a great event to be involved in, not just because of the race itself but because of the benefits it brings to a wide range of groups in the local community.”

The Challenge has 28 different team and individual categories up to vintage (age 60+) male and female. Money raised at the event is shared between local community and sports


Other sponsors this year include McIntosh Plant Hire, NECE, Aker Solutions, AGT Risk Management Ltd and Ellon Academy Bus Fund.