Black belts awarded

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THE first students of the newly constitued Shotokan Karate-do Federation Scotland (SKIF-Scotland) to do so received their black-belt diplomas at a ceremony held by the Shi-Gaku-Kan Karate Clubs at Peterhead Community Centre recently.

The delay between the grading examinations which were held in November 2012 and the presentation was caused by the time needed for the ratification of the awards at the headquarters of the federation in Tokyo and the time taken to prepare the individually brush-written, calligraphic, diplomas.

The Shi-Gaku-Kan transmits the art of karate in its complete form as a martial art, as a martial sport, and as a health-giving system of exercise, based in the precept that karate is for everybody, from the very young to the very old, a lifetime journey.

Shi-Gaku-Kan meets in Peterhead and in Aberdeen. To find out more about karate, which is very much more than high-kicking and jumping about in white uniforms, make contact with Sensei Mark Donaghy, 6th Dan, chief instructor of the Shi-Gaku-Kan, and chief instructor of SKIF-Scotland on (01779) 477737, or visit and for a brief introduction to the art