Asco Jogworks compete in Real Relay event

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ASCO Jogworks runners have recently completed their leg of a special relay race around the UK.

The Real Relay event has being ongoing since the end of May and is following the Olympic Torch route, but with runners competing 24/7 around the country until it reaches the Olympic Stadium - hopefully before the torch.

Each runner had to donate £10, which goes to the ‘Chicks charity’, which helps children who need help and a holiday.

The event was organised by Endurance Life and several members of the team from Asco Peterhead Jogworks decided to enter the event.

The group currently has around 13 members and has been going for approximately seven months.

The joggers had to run from Aberdeen Airport to Portlethen as their leg and Fred Dick was joined by Paul Finnie, Margo Sangster, Angela May and Graeme Copland, with Andy Turnbull driving a mini bus complete with first aid kit, energy drinks and snacks.

The volunteer runners had to drive the 30 miles from Peterhead to the airport and the initial plan was for Paul and Fred to run the entire leg, with the other three doing the run in a relay.

Fred told the Buchanie: “As the run went on, Graeme hopped onto the bus for a break, but the girls kept on running with Paul and myself.

“Graeme joined up with us for the last eight miles.

“At times during the run, I asked the group, if they wanted a break, just to hop on the bus if they needed as I was worried in case they did too much. But they carried on!”

Fred said that Paul’s previous run was a ten-mile at Tough Mudders, while Angela, Margo and Graeme had not run more than four miles at any one time!

The group made it successfully to Porthethen where the next stage of the relay saw runners head for Catterline.