A new beginning for Pitfour Club

Weedcutter trials get underway at Pitfour fishery.
Weedcutter trials get underway at Pitfour fishery.

Pitfour Fly Fishing Club was formed in 2011, after the water had been closed for a number of years.

When the club took over the water it was in need of some serious TLC. The grass was two feet deep, trees were all over grown and brambles were across the dam wall.

There weren’t many jetties to fish from and the boats were in a poor state,. So bad, in fact, the club wasn’t sure if it would last. However, three years later it’s still going strong.

The club is fortunate to have Hamish Watson as the owner.

His intention is to bring this historical lake back to its former glory, and together they have worked hard draining the lake for the first time in 240 years, digging out around the lake edges, so anglers can fish reed free.

This year Mr Watson has bought the club an electric weed cutter, so it can cut the weed and keep it under control. The club has managed to achieve much more than it thought thanks to his support.

The club has some spaces available if anyone wishes to join. It has a good head of wild brown trout, roach and perch that were once stocked but now breed themselves.

Rainbow trout are also stocked and each club member is allowed to take home 20 rainbow trout per season. The lake truly is a stunning place hidden in among trees.

There is a walk around the lake which is open to the public and it is quite normal to see bird watchers all year round. The lake enjoys visits from otters at various times of the year as well as swans in the winter.

There have been many good trout fisheries closing, in the area in the last few years for one reason or another and Pitfour is quite unique having a 30-acre lake with a huge bothy and also having seven boats.

Pitfour Fishery is also very lucky to be one of a handful of venues allowed to use float tubes on the water.

The club has expressed thanks to those committee members who have stepped down this year, for all the hard work they have done setting up the club.

The new committee is now looking forward too continuing the hard work and making this a great club for all its existing and new members.