Vacancies for physio and Scout at Maud

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MAUD’s Russel Quinlan is retiring at the end of this season and although he has been tentatively been asking if anyone would like to take over from him unfortunately so far no-one has shown any interest.

Russell also had a note on the club’s website for a while, but again, no interest.

He told the Buchanie: “Having been involved as player and physio for 25 years this year, it’s time for a younger person to take over.

“I personally think the physio position is ideal for an ex-player as they can still be involved with the players and have an interest in the club in general although of course anyone is welcome to apply.

“I have loved doing the job since I stopped playing for Maud and I’m sure anyone taking over would relish the chance to join a club on the up, especially with the new management team we have aiming for big things,” he said.

Anyone interested can contact Russell on 07887 532771 or email to talk about the position.

“Even if they wanted to be involved alongside me for the remainder of this season so that they can ease in gently into the routine that would be fine,” he added.

Meanwhile, with Allan, Gary and Gavin building the squad, the club is also on the look-out for a part-time scout.

This is to assist in the development and long-term strategy of the club, supported by the management team they will be required to complete assessments and compile report of upcoming opponents and potential signing targets.

This position is part of the long term plan to push the club forward-and to match the management’s plans for the future.

There are more details on the two vacancies on the club’s website.