Peterhead launch online fundraiser with £50,000 target

Peterhead have taken their successful matchday 50/50 fundraiser online to try to help offset the financial impact of the Covid-19 shutdown.

Thursday, 7th May 2020, 4:13 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th May 2020, 4:16 pm
Peterhead need to generate income to secure the club's future

With the country in lockdown and no income for the foreseeable future, the club - like all others - has such severe financial pressure on its finances that its very future is far from assured.

And so Blue Toon midfielder and podcast presenter Si Ferry teamed up online with Aberdeen and Scotland legend Willie Miller to generate some much-needed revenue.

The initial target is to reach £50,000 - and if that’s achieved there will a bonus of £5,000 going to the club’s charity partner after board members agreed to donate, out of their own pockets, the equivalent of 10 per cent of what is raised.

Club chairman Rodger Morrison said it didn’t seem right to try to sell season tickets when no-one knows when next season will begin - and that equally he wasn’t keen on asking fans to donate without offering something in return.

And he also took a swipe at the banking sector for a reluctance to be more supportive.

He said: “All the staff at the club, from the cleaners to the goalkeeper have been furloughed which does ease the burden but there still remains a massive gap in our finances. So much so that it jeopardises the whole future of the club.

“Fortunately the Government came through as promised and the local authorities have also provided some grant funding for which we are truly grateful.”

Mr Morrison continued: “The bank has been very disappointing in respect that despite the club having no existing borrowings they quite simply didn’t want to know.

“It would appear that the banking sector have very short memories indeed. The fans who fill our stadiums on a weekly basis helped the banks out in their hour of need, but that would appear to have been forgotten by the lenders. I’m not so sure if the fans will be so forgiving in the future.”

The chairman said the club’s position was such that its cash shortfall had to be addressed “sooner rather than later”.

He continued: “The board of directors looked long and hard at selling season tickets in advance. But we don’t know when football will recommence, indeed we don’t even know what the format will be. It would be impossible to sell season tickets without at first knowing how many home fixtures that you are likely to have.

“Asking businesses to pay for their stadium advertising early can’t be progressed for the same reason; equally businesses are all struggling and one would imagine advertising at an empty stadium will be well down their list of priorities!

“Therefore, it was universally agreed that the best way forward was to take something that was already successful, and make it even bigger and better.

“The match day 50/50 is hugely successful at Balmoor Stadium. Indeed it often pays out more with an average crowd of 750 than other clubs do with attendances three times that size.”

The format has been remodelled with tickets based at £50 each but with extra tickets forming part of incentive bundles - three tickets for £100, 17 for £500 and 40 for £1,000.

It was also agreed to still pay out 50 per cent of the income in prize money but to create three prizes instead of one to reflect the significant increase in ticket cost. This means that, should the £50,000 the prize money will be £15,000, £7,500 and £2,500.

With the club not able to sell tickets face to face they have teamed up with Clubforce, who specialise in online ticket and lottery sales for sports clubs and whose facility is used by a number of other Scottish clubs.

As a result the Super 50/50 tickets can be bought simply by visiting the club’s website at and clicking on the link.

Mr Morrison said: “We are posting regular updates on social media and will surpass the £11,000 mark this week.

“It’s been well received by fans and wouldn’t it be great if we could exceed our target? The draw isn’t until the 4th of July so there is no reason why that isn’t possible.

“Finally there is an added bonus.

“The directors also wanted to make a contribution, but gaming law obviously does not allow them to participate in the raffle.

“So the Board agreed, that whatever the total amount raised is in the Super 50/50, they will, out of their own pockets donate the equivalent of 10 per cent to our charity partner Friends of Anchor.

“So if we reach our target of £50,000, the directors will donate an additional £5,000 to charity. We must remember, charities are finding things tough at this time too.”