Peterhead keeper Greg Fleming to quit club and move on

Keeper Greg Fleming has quit Peterhead after two years between the sticks at Balmoor.

Wednesday, 3rd June 2020, 11:13 am
Greg Fleming is leaving Peterhead after two years

The Balmoor club have just four players who are under contract for next season and boss Jim McInally is unable to offer deals to current or new players until there is clarity on when football can resume after its Covid-19 shutdown.

They have extended players’ contracts by another month to give the manager some added time, but Fleming is not among them.

McInally said: “Greg had intimated that he was wanting to leave; he travels a long distance and has done it for a few years now so Greg has left.

“But we have extended everyone else which basically means we’re not in a position to talk to them until the end of June now and hopefully by that time there will be some sort of pathway to seeing how we’re going to start.”

Meanwhile the Blue Toon boss says Hearts supremo Ann Budge failed to think through her 14-14-14 reconstruction plan.

McInally said last week that lower league clubs should show they won’t be bullied into accepting a plan which would save Hearts from relegation, but would demote Peterhead, Clyde and Forfar to the bottom tier along with Stranraer and deny promotion to League Two champions Cove Rangers.

“To be honest I don’t think she thought too much about it,” said McInally.

“She’s come out since and said if it needs to be 14-10-10-10 then that’s what it would be. Personally I think the SPFL have hung her out to dry a wee bit, I don’t know if there’s a great appetite for change at the top.

“After everything that was said that nobody should be relegated on the back of what’s happened and then it seemed OK to relegate Peterhead, Forfar and Clyde.

“She came out and defended herself to me and said she had never been called a bully before.

“Well I don’t mean she’s a bully, but she was the first person to threaten Clause 12 to suspend the players’ wages if they didn’t take a 50 per cent cut.

“She’s now threatened that she’s spoken to two QCs who could stop Scottish football starting again. If it’s not bullying, I don’t know what she wants to call it.”