Peterhead FC: Annan pour cold water on title charge


The Blue Toon boys were left unwashed and insulted after a unpleasant 2-1 defeat to Annan at Galabank.

The visitors travelled down 11 points clear of their only realistic title rivals after brushing Jim Chapman’s Black and Golds aside in a 3-1 victory earlier this month.

But Chapman was able to avenge that result, both on and off the field.

Peterhead boss Jim McInally has admitted that a poor start to the second period cost his team points, but was irked by some of the bad blood surrounding the tie.

Not only was defender Ross Smith controversially sent off late in the game, but when he was joined by his team mates in the dressing room after the final whistle, McInally’s men discovered there was no hot water for them to shower.

What’s more, when Chapman approached McInally for the usual post-match pleasantries before the Blue Toon boarded the bus, his comments angered McInally.

“He insulted me a wee bit when I was standing in the corner he came over to shake my hand and he said, ‘if I don’t see you again, congratulations on winning the league.’

“We’ve not won the league yet, I’ve never said that, so I just said to him ‘don’t insult me’ and walked away.

“I also heard one of their players shout that there’s only five points in it now.

“But that’s a wee bit disrespectful to Albion Rovers is it not?

“They’ll only be five points behind if they beat Albion Rovers on Tuesday (tonight).”

The Blue Toon boss was not the only visitor who felt aggrieved when the bus left Galabank.

Striker Andy Rodgers, who hit the post in the second half, said: “The hot water not being on was possibly a coincidence, but there was a nasty edge to the game.

“We got no complimentary tickets which was a first all season.

“They said it’s their policy not to give complimentary tickets to away teams but some of our boys have experience of that not being the case.

“Again, they may just be trying to cause trouble.”

Nevertheless, McInally and Rodgers did not try and use the post-match needle to excuse the result.

Rodgers continued: “We’ve only got ourselves to blame for the end result.

“We had our chances and definitely should have got something out of the game.

“It was all very scrappy and that possibly suited them but we’ve proved already this season that we can win scrappy games. We haven’t got any excuses.”

To add to the unpleasantries, McInally is desperate to appeal Ross Smith’s red card which would otherwise see him miss the next two games but has not been allowed to review footage of the tackle.

On Tuesday morning, the Buchanie received a response from Annan’s general secretary Alan Irving.

He said: “It is correct there was no hot water for either team or officials. This was definitely not intended and was a complete oversight on our behalf.

“The club did apologise to Peterhead and the officials for the oversight, it was the first time this has happended at Annan and hopefully it will not happen again.”

He added that it is club policy no to issue complimentary tickets to any home match, though the chairman has in the past responded to individual requests.