McInally: ‘It’s tough to take’

After the Montrose match Toon boss Jim McInally admitted the defeat had been “tough to take”.

Speaking to the Buchanie’s Josh King, McInally said: “I hate losing but I just didn’t think we were good enough to be honest.

“We were too ‘route one’. I think the game should have been dead and buried far earlier. In the first ten minutes their goalkeeper miss-kicked a ball to Coxy, he and Rory are two against one with the goalkeeper and he rolled it offside to Rory.

“We scored soon after but we should have been out of sight. We gave away an endless amount of freekicks and again conceded a goal from their goalkeeper punting it up the park, one of their players heading through and Deasley runs to the keeper.

“For the second goal we had easy possession in the middle of the park, lost the ball and got caught with a counter attack.

“For the quality we should have, we’re just not passing it well enough. We’re going too much route one. I don’t know if we thought we were on easy street because in the first half we were so much in control for 30 minutes.

“Then once they scored it gave them a wee lift and we fell into the trap of going too route one. We gave away too many freekicks - people argue they’re maybe not all freekicks - but we’re defending free kick after free kick.

“Our goalkeeper’s only had one save in the game, from a free kick.

“We’re bringing problems on ourselves. Up the other end we’re not making right decisions. We should have scored with the last kick of the ball when Andy RodgerS is one on one with the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper saves it. We shouldn’t be putting ourselves in that position.

“I thought it was a poor quality game to be honest. They were the same as us - going route one - and I thought it was a poor game. I didn’t think we played well enough.

“When you sit and analyse the opportunities you’ve had you can say you didn’t deserve to lose but you’re not achieving the standards you should be achieving - you get what you deserve when that happens to you.

“It’s got to change - it’s got to. The situation with the two on one with the goalkeeper is probably the most bizarre situation I’ve every seen in my life. How we didn’t score from it was beyond belief. All these wee things come back to bite you.

“We could have been quickly two up and I don’t think there’s any way back for them after that. I think we were so much in control of the game in the first 30 minutes we maybe thought it was easy.”