Coaching role for MacDonald

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At the end of the Peterhead game, manager Jim McInally announced that defender Callum MacDonald is to retire from playing to take up a coaching role at the club.

MacDonald took some time out to speak to Jim Irving about his change of role at the club on Saturday.

He said: “I got to the stage that I was wanting to take part in training but my knee wasn’t feeling as it should have or how it did when I recovered from my first

“It started to put doubts in my mind if it was going to affect me later in my life or even how I would feel after a game if I was fit enough to play.

“I was pretty gutted as I had always had it in mind after the second operation that I would be fit enough to play again.

“Now I have come to terms with it though I am looking forward to the challenge of getting involved with coaching and learning that side of the game.

“Initially I will be helping the manager and Davie Nicholl, and I took the warm up today.”

He added: “I am just glad to still be involved in football and have something to do on a Saturday, plus I will be looking to do my coaching badges.

“Coaching wasn’t really something I considered when I was still playing, but at the end of last season the manager said if I was interested he might have a role for me.

“I didn’t just want to be hanging around the club and not doing anything, so when he asked me at the beginning of the week if I wanted to get involved I jumped at the chance.”

The striker missed nearly two years of play after injury forced doctors to reconstruct his knee twice.

MacDonald ruptured his cruciate ligament in November 2012 and suffered another set back last summer when the hard work he had put into his rehab was undone by a recurrence of the injury.

The 31-year-old signed from Dundee in 2006 and has played nearly 250 games for Peterhead.