A career in Sharp relief

Next weekend’s match away to Montrose will mark an incredible acheivement for one of the Toon’s most dedicated servants.

Graeme Sharp - himself a former Montrose player - is set to make his 300th appearance for the club.

It will be an emotional day for a player Jim McInally is proud to have in his squad.

McInally said: “It’s ironic - I think Montrose is the only other club he’s played for.

“The only compliment I can pay Sharpie at the minute is that to pick the team last weekend and drop Conner McLinchey was harsh on Conner.

“Only for Sharpies performances that wouldn’t have happened but Sharpies’ been so good that I had to made the change.”

Sharp joined the club in 2005 and has been a permanent fixture on the wings ever since.

Now a right back, his name is regularly first on the team sheet.

McInally said: “Since Sharpie’s moved to right back he’s been so consistent and steady and I’m delighted for him.

“I put my faith in him to make that move and I think it’s reinvigorated his career.

“He enjoys it - he enjoys the different challenges he’s got. You very rarely see people running him.

“Next year’s his testimonial year so I’m just hoping he has a good season and I’ve promised him we’ll look after him.”