Fishing at last!

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At last - at the time of writing this report (Sunday am) the temperature is a mild 7 degrees Celsius with a slight breeze. Completely contrary to the conditions for the last two weeks. However during this period we have engaged in a battle with Jack Frost and managed to keep at least part of the fishing open. Thankfully Saturday and Sunday has seen us clear of ice. Considering the conditions, some notable catches have been recorded with the leading anglers as follows; J Rennie, Buckie, 23 fish; A Anderson, Peterhead, 19 fish; C Field, Fraserburgh, 17 fish; G Alexander, Fraserburgh, 12 fish, S Hadden, Fraserburgh, 12 fish; L Davidson, Macduff, 11 fish.

As well as the above, a further 9 anglers landed between 5 - 10 fish each so a successful week for all. The larger fish are conspicuous by their absence, lying deep and dour, but Mike Ewen jnr netted a plump 6lb 11oz specimen.

Most fish have fallen to WSW and Yellow Dancer lures, fished deep on intermediate or sinking lines but at the “top of the day” Buzzers and Nymphs at 4-5 feet have been successful.

Hopefully we can all now enjoy a week or two of settled weather although Winter is far from over.

Our Troutmaster 2011 competition is now open. For all information phone Bob on 07980 999006.