Fireworks explode onto cheerleading scene

A group of young Hatton cheerleaders have come an impressive second place at a recent North of Scotland competition.

Tuesday, 5th June 2012, 2:22 pm

This is the first competition the girls from Hatton Cruden School have entered since forming less than a year ago.

The team is made of up pupils from the school from primary 4 to primary 7.

The idea to set up the cheerleading squad came from the pupils themselves who heard about their P.E teacher Lyndsey Meacher setting up a squad at Ellon.

Lyndsey teaches at Hatton Cruden School one day a week and decided to do a coaching course in the sport.

Lyndsey said: “It was just something the girls suggested since they knew I was coaching the cheerleading at Ellon Academy too, through the older kids in the village.”

Primary 4,5 and 6 teacher at Hatton Emma McQueen helps out with the training of the girls once a week in the school hall.

Emma said: “We only formed last October and were the only school in the competition which I think is an achievement in itself. Everyone else was from cheerleading clubs or dance schools and had been formed for years.

“We started training the girls the routine about six weeks ago, since Easter time really. We practised twice a week for the competition instead of our normal once a week practices.”

Lynndsey explained what was involved, she said: “We had to do a two-and-a-half minute dance and stunt routine. It was a competition across the North of Scotland so there were a lot of other teams there. It was held in Inverness at Eden Court Theatre and we had a really great day there.

“It was actually someone who went along to an event we did in Ellon that suggested we take part in the competition.”

Ellon Academy pupil Cicely Edwards who is in third year and is part of their squad helps out at Hatton. Cicely has a sister who is part of the Hatton squad which is the reason she decided to help out.

Lyndsey said: “The next competition we want to do is in February next year at a dance festival in Aberdeen. It’s slightly different this time as it’s not a stunt performance.”

Emma said: “All the girls were really happy with the result as you can imagine. There was lots of shouting and jumping, it was great.”

Lyndsey: “I think we would like to thank all the parents and the school for their support as without them we couldn’t do this.

“When we were in Inverness all the girls had someone there supporting them, it makes a big difference and it was really appreciated the long way they had to travel.”