Fine and dry conditions for Crimond racers

FINE and dry conditions greeted all drivers for this meeting, so fast and furious racing was on the cards. The Banger formulae for the recent meeting was the one off outing of the vans.

Monday, 27th June 2011, 5:06 pm

Once again this event was sponsored by the ‘Spotty Bag Shop’ from Banff. Extra prize money was available to whoever had the best turned out van and the top three in the final.

With the Brisca F2s not competing due to their national championship event down in Taunton Cornwall, it was the return of the Stoxkarts for their first of three meetings on the trot. This formula is increasing in numbers with more local drivers purchasing of hiring karts.

ORCI Ministox.

The ORCI Ministox were competing for the Jim Miller Trophies. This is an annual event with Jim being the supplier of all the clubs trophies during the season; he normally has something a bit special on offer for his meeting.

As usual all the Ministox competitors will leave the meeting with a trophy, regardless of if they finished a race or not. Jim always keeps a photograph of all the trophy winners and if you go to his trophy showroom you will see past photos with some very young looking current top drivers at Crimond Raceway.

Once again the visiting drivers took the top three trophies, but our own top drivers are starting to show more promise and mix it up with the visitors. This was the last meeting for our own top girl driver Shelly Taylor, who has to retire from the Ministox due to reaching the ripe old age of 16.

Race 1 - 1 Gemma Russell, 2 Camy Mcgowan, 3 Liam Rennie; race 2 - 1 Camy Mcgowan, 2 Gemma Russell, 3 Liam Rennie; race 3 - 1 Camy Mcgowan, 2 Gemma Russell, 3 Shelley Taylor.


This was their second outing of the 2011 season with only local drivers competing. Seven karts were on track with Hot saloon driver Bill Willox having a go in the Hire kart.

Not too much bumper action with only seven cars, but with more cars expected at their next outing in July things will liven up.

Race 1 - 1 Scott Keith, 2 Lee Anderson, 3 James Robertson; race 2 - 1 Lee Anderson, 2 Scott Keith, 3 Bill Willox; race 3 - 1 Scott Keith, 2 Lee Anderson, 3 Neil Kilclene.

Crimond Saloonstox

Car numbers were lower than the norm, but still plenty of Bumper work being used when required. Last meeting it was Ryan Simpson who rode the tyre wall, this meeting saw Old timer Graham Smith have a go.

He did manage to land on all four wheels and they were all pointing in the right direction, but he had received serious damage to the underneath of the car. Quite a few cars were involved in the same incident as Graham, with both the Bonner brothers receiving damage to either their car or themselves, but all recovered during the afternoon.

Race 1 -1 Scott Ruxton, 2 John Ironside, 3 Craig Smith; race 2 - 1 John Ironside, 2 Nicky Bonner, 3 Scott Ruxton; race 3 - 1 Andy Bonner, 2 Nicky Bonner, 3 Scott Ruxton.

Hot saloons

This formula is one of the hardest fought championships that drivers at Crimond compete in, with every point counting. Most of the top drivers are very close in car speed and driver ability which makes for very close racing, but this can lead to other things.

This was the case in the final Hot saloon race of the afternoon when Kevin Gordon was in a group of cars as they all got the chequered flag to finish the race. He clipped an inner marker tyre once he crossed the finish line which spun him round in front of a following car which hit his driver’s door full on.

After being attended to by the track medical team, he was taken to ARI for checks where they found he had broken ribs and a broken pelvis. A stay in Hospital will see Kevin recover, but not the type on incident that we like to see. Everyone wish’s him a speedy recovery.

Race 1 - 1 Dave Largue, 2 Billy Tosh, 3 Richard Harding; race 2 - 1 Billy Tosh, 2 Dave largue, 3 Richard Harding; race 3 - 1 Steven Maitland, 2 Martin Meldrum, 3 Dave Largue.

Outlaw Hot rods

Unfortunately due to the Clubs rules of a requirement of a minimum of four cars signed in to race, with only three cars in the pits, the Hot rod races were postponed for this meeting. This is the first time this has happened during the 2011 season; let’s hope it will be the last.

Van bangers

As mentioned earlier in this report, the van Bangers were out for their one and only event of the season. 13 vans took to the track for the first race, 12 large vans and one small escort van. The small van one the first race no problem, but was moved to the back for the next race where it was not so easy to get past the bigger vans.

As is usual with this event, the drivers were instructed to only spin and pass other competitors so that most of the Vans would manage all races, with the DD at the end of the meeting where they can go for it. This was the case and the DD went on for quite a while due to these vans being harder to wreck than you would think.

Race 1 - 1 Scott Paterson, 2 James Geddes, 3 Colin Riddell; race 2 - 1 Paul Harris, 2 Bruce Panton, 3 Gary Panton; race 3 - 1 John Riddell, 2 Andrew Webster, 3 Colin Riddell; Demolition Derby - 1 Colin Riddell, 2 Kieran Riddell.

Road going saloons

Another “all cars in all races meeting” with the car numbers at an all-time low for this formulae.

They still put on a fine show though with most of remembering that they have to drive these cars home at the end of the meeting! Race 1 - 1 Gordon Reid, 2 Leslie Cook, 3 Callum Reid; race 2 - 1 Callum Reid, 2 James Reid, 3 Gordon Middleton; race 3 - 1 James Reid, 2 Les Gray, 3 Callum Reid.

Ladies races - Hot saloons - 1 Kim McDonald, 2 Simone Riddell, 3 Jennie Murray; Saloonstox - 1 Ashley Simpson, 2 Michele Smith, 3 Rachel Bonner.

The next meeting is the annual summer speed weekend of racing on July 2 and 3.

All formulae’s will be competing over the two days for the “Munster trophies” ning trophies.