Federation president pays visit to karate students

THE president of the worldwide Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation paid of visit to students at Peterhead recently.

Thursday, 9th May 2013, 11:49 am
WELL DONE: Karate Club members pose for a picture with the new president. Picture: Submitted.

Members of the Shi-Gaku-Kan in the Blue Toon were honoured by the visit of Sensei Nobuaki Kanazawa, 6th Dan, Kancho, who recently took over the leadership of the worldwide Shotokan Karate-do International (SKIF) Federation after the retirement of his father.

As an exponent of karate world-famous for the speed, power, and precision of his performance of the art, the new Kancho is a worthy successor to his father.

Kancho Nobuaki has visited the Shi-Gaku-Kan many times in the past, but this was his first official visit to the Shi-Gaku-Kan since his elevation.

It was also the first visit since the formation of the SKIF-Scotland, the Scottish national constituent federation of the SKIF.

The purpose of his visit was to instruct, and to examine and grade members of the Shi-Gaku-Kan from the clubs in Peterhead and Aberdeen.

Kancho Kanazawa taught a class for children and juniors, students possessing coloured belts, and an advanced course for seniors, holders of brown or black belts.

Around 60 children were graded, and almost all of them progressed, and a few performed so well they were promoted not to the next grade, but the next but one grade.

Meanwhile, around 30 adults were also examined and progressed.

One of these was Connor White, who was awarded Shodan, the first degree black belt.

As well as local students of karate, the visit of Kancho Kanazawa attracted students from as far afield as Edinburgh and Stirling.

People who would like find out more about karate at the Shi-Gaku-Kan in Peterhead and in Aberdeen are welcome to make contact with Mark Donaghy, 6th Dan, or Libby Donaghy, 4th Dan, co-instructors of the Shi-Gaku-Kan, tel. 01779 477737.

The Shi-Gaku-Kan dojos were established in the 1960s by Jim Hardie, who is one of Scotland’s first black belts, and is now 6th Dan.

The Shi-Gaku-Kan name was given to the clubs by Manabu Murakami, 6th Dan, and former two times world champion, on one of his visits to the the NE of Scotland, and it means “the school you go to if you wish to study karate properly”.

The personal benefits enjoyed through continued training are numerous and include improved fitness, flexibility, speed, confidence, self-awareness and self-discipline.

Quality instruction at the Shi-Gaku-Kan dojos is affirmed by its affiliation to SKIF-Scotland, which itself is a representative association of the SKIF (Shotokan Karate-do International Federation) who have their head office in Tokyo, Japan.

With over 2.5 million members in more than 100 countries, SKIF remains the world’s largest single-styled karate organisation.

To find out more about the local club visit www.shigakukan.co.uk