Your views: Do we need another supermarket in Peterhead?

In LAST week’s Buchanie we broke the news that supermarket giant Sainsburys could open a store in Peterhead, in the near future.

We had such a great response from you that we thought we would publish your views from our Facebook, Twitter and website pages; on whether a new supermarket is needed.

A big thanks to everyone that responded, we have picked just a few of the many comments on the digital debate.

Margaret Woods

They need to make the asda bigger ... and a sainsburys would be good as well but you also need to have more clothes shopping for peterhead new look and dorethys is not enough!

Primark would be good. Marks and sparks to make it a toon to stay in to shop I’m sure at the old Focus a Primark could fit in there ..

Lorna Ritchie

Supermarkets. think we have enough. its a fair priced clothes shop you need. and miss Focus garden centre . when’s someone going to go in there again

Christine Thomson

I don’t shop at Sainsburys so I for one won’t be shopping there. Would like to see Primark, M & S. bowling alley with a eating places, including a nice carvery.

David Gault

Yes another big supermarket to dictate to local manufacturers and producers how much they are prepared to pay them for there goods, forcing said local manufacturers and producers out of business leaving more of the local population out of work with less money to spend causing supermarkets to reduce their prices or offer more BOGOF’s but because the supermarkets must retain their margins, this forces down the prices they are prepared to pay local manufacturers and producers sending more local firms to the wall, meaning yet more out of work people. Does anyone see a pattern here!!!

But nevermind eh, at least we’ll still be able to get a choice of strawberries in December! Supermarkets are not the solution .They are the problem!!

Angelika Voznicka

Yes please anything,this town need something new!

We really do need fair priced clothes shop coz that what we got is just shocking ...its far too expensive :/

Lorna Knight

Would most def like the idea of sainsburys in peterhead, i like the quality of sainsburys produce over asda, morrisons and tesco

Ashleigh Duthie

Waste of time having a Sainsburys we already have Asda, Morrisons, Lidl, Farmfoods and Iceland how many more food shops do we need?

I agree with alot of people on here that a Primark would be alot better i think that kind of shop would make alot of money in Peterhead

Emma Clayton

How many supermarkets does one town need?

Reasonably priced clothing particularly for kids is what we need. Asda does kids clothes but it’s too small, I second a Primark. Cheap cheerful and caters for the whole family!! The old Focus site would be perfect, or even a Matalan?

dougpc (via the website)

Well again if all the shops and business that thought of coming to this town over the past 40 years had done so then we would not be in the situation that we are today. The politicians have been sitting on their hands for too long and not fighting for this area - you only have to look at Inverurie for evidence of the lack of interest in this town of Peterhead!

Sheila Bedford

Yes deffo a need for another supermarket the ones we have in the town are small so only carry a small range of products. There are hardly any decent shops left in the town to make it worth heading into the town centre.

Lee Robinson

No we need something entertaining for all the kids ie bowling. The town has got nothin for the kids. Instead of food shops going everywhere get entertainment for the kids. The town has nothing.

Stephanie Forbes

Instead of the building more houses for forigners they should be doing bowling allies and cinemas. I still say that more clothes shops in town is better, what happened to asda getting their extention? They have a big space wae aldi was ment to go whats going their now? We for sure dont need another supermarket. Just my opinion