Please stop the continual moaning

Dear Sir,

EVERY time I open the Buchan Observer, or indeed any other newspaper covering the north-east of Scotland, I am dismayed at the persistent objections by elements of the local population to any kind of industrial progress within the area.

The latest gripe is from ‘Two very concerned Blue Toon residents’ concerning the erection of wind turbines in the port. From their letter one would think that we lived in an idyllic little village in the middle of a rural landscape.

The fact is - we don’t. We live in an industrial town and port which will die if it doesn’t embrace industrial change.

Try to imagine Peterhead and its economy without the opportunities offered and the wealth created by the St Fergus Gas Terminal, Score (UK) Ltd, HM Prison, the big supermarkets, the Asco base, the Forties landfall and the new harbour berthing facilities.

None of these would have existed had people like the ‘Two very concerned Blue Toon residents’ been allowed to have their way.

I have visited large ports all over Europe and wind turbines are just part of the scene. We live in a windy town so let’s use that asset to our advantage and stop this continual moaning about every attempt to move forward.

O. Reese

Raasay Road,