Don’t despoil the town for short-term profit

Dear Sir,

I READ your report on the proposed wind turbines for Peterhead with interest. I understand that any business likes to maximise profits but I found it difficult to believe the statements made by the chief executive of Peterhead Port Authority.

Firstly he stated that these turbines were crucial to the future development of the harbour. This is clearly not true. I’m sure that PPA would like to make an extra £750,000 per year but wind turbines have nothing to do with PPA’s business which should be to run the harbour.

Next he implied that this money is necessary to maintain the harbour. Again it is difficult to believe that a business that made several million pounds last year is not able to pay for the maintenance of the harbour.

Also if PPA is struggling to pay for the maintenance of the harbour why on earth have they just spent £35 million building a new quay that will also need maintenance.

Finally he seems to think that these turbines will benefit the people of Peterhead. He should remember that the only reason that wind turbines are so profitable is the ridiculously large subsidy that the government give to these projects.

The people of Peterhead will pay their share of these massive subsidy (as with every other project of this type) through taxation and increased energy prices.

I think we owe it to future generations not to despoil the town of Peterhead for short term profit.

J. Buchan