Distressing scenes in petrol queue

Dear Sir,

I’M writing this letter after witnessing a rather distressing and, quite frankly, somewhat disturbing scene at Morrisons Petrol Station in Peterhead on Saturday March 19.

Since Asda decided to have its petrol station card only, we have seen increasing queues of cars filling the forecourt (and beyond) at Morrisons Petrol Station.

On that Saturday, I patiently queued in line to get petrol at Morrisons (Asda’s pumps do not accept my switch card).

Finally, reaching a pump I started to put fuel in my car only to hear a screech of brakes followed by a woman screaming at the top of her voice.

A ‘gentleman’ had jumped the waiting queue of car owners and nipped into a space at a pump, cutting off the woman waiting in line.

While I agree that his behavior was reprehensible I was quite frankly shocked at the level of aggression and language coming from the woman and also at the gent’s lack of care in this situation.

As I had a young child in the back of my car I was particularly offended.

It’s hard enough to raise a child in this day and age without other adults showing themselves up in front of your children.

The gent concerned did eventually pull to the side to allow the woman to get petrol, however then nearly hit a large lorry while trying to do the same move again ten minutes later.

Please Asda, you must surely be aware that customers are going elsewhere? I haven’t seen more than a couple of cars at the Asda forecourt at any one time any time I have driven past and yet, particularly at weekends the queue at Morrisons is ridiculous.

Is there no way you can set up a both and take alternative payments again?

To everyone queuing at Morrisons, please respect other people queuing and also please respect the fact that there are children present in some cars and displays of temper, rudeness and outright abusive behavior is not acceptable.

Concerned parent

Peterhead, via email