Ya disco-dancer says 7-year-old Toon sensation

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A seven-year-old dance sensation from Peterhead has won a world wide contest for a major sponsorship deal with an Australian company.

Lexi Mundy, a disco freestyle dancer, was one of five people chosen from over 3,000 applicants worldwide and was the only British winner of the sponsorship deal with Pink Fish.

Michelle Mundy, Lexi’s mum, said: “We were just delighted and her dance teacher was just over the moon.

“It’s such a rare thing to get sponsored at such a young age.”

What makes Lexi’s achievement even more extraordinary is that the schoolgirl has only been dancing in competitions for six months.

The young dancer trains for over 20 hours week with her dance teacher Stephanie Low at Dansation Studios in Aberdeen and Peterhead.

Stephanie, who runs Dansation Studios, said: “I can’t believe she’s sponsored but then I can believe it because she’s so good and she works so hard.

“She works hard in every class and gives 110 per cent and she practices even more at home.”

Lexi’s new sponsorship deal means that she will wear the Pink Fish logo while appearing in competitions and the company will provide her dance costumes, which can cost upwards of £1500 each, with two needed for most of the competitions entered.

Lexi is Stephanie’s first sponsored dancer and the teacher can’t still can’t believe that the youngster has won the deal in such a short space of time.

Stephanie said: “There were so many mixed emotions when we got the phone call to say that she had been chosen.”

The dance teacher now expects big things in future from her star pupil calling her “one-to-watch”.

Lexi’s has two other big competitions on the horizon with festival in Bristol next month before she competes at the Icon competition in Wolverhampton in June.