World Day of Prayer at the Methodist Church

THIS year’s World Day of Prayer will be held on Friday, March 2, with the local event being hosted by Peterhead Methodist Church on Queen Street, at 7pm.

At this time Christian people throughout the world will be joining in a service with the title ‘Let Justice Prevail’ which has been written by Christian women of Malaysia.

Each year the first service of the day is held on the island of Tuvalu in the Pacific Ocean, close to the international dateline and continues for a period of 36 hours until that same date concludes in Alaska just to the other side of the dateline.

In Scotland many churches and other Christian groups will be hosting the service which is open to anyone interested in attending.

Apart from some small adaptations to suit local circumstances, the service held in a country kirk in Scotland will be just the same as the one held earlier on Tuvalu.

Migration of people from throughout Asia has made Malaysia a land of many ethnic groups who intermingle and integrate into local communities.

It is also home to many temporary refugees fleeing war-torn or troubled countries.

Accordingly, the theme of the service this year is, appropriately, ‘Let Justice Prevail’.

Meanwhile, Lent Bible Studies throughout Peterhead start this week under the theme ‘The Way to Freedom’.

The first study ‘What is Freedom’ will be held at the Congregational Church on Thursday, February 23, with week two’s study, ‘Discipline’ being held at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church on Wednesday, February 29.

‘Action’ is the theme for week three at the Living Waters Community Church on Tuesday, March 6, with week four’s theme being ‘Church as Community’ to be held at the Salvation Army on Tuesay, March 13.

‘Suffering’ will be studied in week five at the Methodist Chruch on Monday, March 19, while the final week’s study ‘Death’ will be undertaken at St. Andrew’s Church on Thursday, March 29. Bring and share meal starts at 6:15pm and Bible Study begins at 7pm. Those who are unable to come for the meals will be more than welcome to join groups at 7pm for the studies.