Work begins on Stella’s 3 and 4

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WORK has begun on Stella’s 3 and 4 in Moldova, with the New Hope Trust set to save a further 75 girls from sex trafficking.

The two new houses are set to be completed in the next year and will incorporate a new church and community building, and at a cost of $1.9 million, fundraising is now more important than ever.

Mark Morgan of New Hope Trust, is delighted that the work is finally beginning on the two new homes, with Stella’s 1 and 2, and Simon’s House all bursting at the seams.

Speaking to the Buchanie on Tuesday, Mark said: “We already have the other two houses full to capacity as well as Simon’s House for the boys, and there are waiting lists for all three, so to finally get to work on Stella’s 3 and 4 is fantastic.

“At the moment we have between 48 and 50 girls in Stella’s 1 and 2, with 15 boys in Simon’s House. The two new houses will provide accommodation for a further 75 girls and protect them from sex trafficking.

“Now the work is underway, the pressure is on to get the funding and one of the ideas we have come up with is to get sponsorship from some of the trawlers in the North-east area,” he said.

“We would like them to sponsor a room at Stella’s. That’s likely to cost between £1,000 and £2,000, but that would cover the entire cost of building it and would create a lasting legacy for that vessel and its crew.

“The cost to us at the moment for Stella’s 1 and 2 and Simon’s House and the Providence orphanage is somewhere in the region of $66,000 per month - but that’s providing accommodation, food, education and clothing for 50 girls, 15 boys and around 45 in the orphanage so it’s not bad value for money.

“However, with winter almost upon us, we urgently need clothing and winter supplies. Anything that’s donated allows us to spend money where it’s urgently needed elsewhere, so the likes of our Shoebox Appeal for example is vital.”

If you wish to donate via the Shoebox Appeal then simply take an empty shoebox, wrap the lid and box separately, fill the shote box with appropriate items.

You can include washing powder, toothpaste and toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, facecloths and sponges, disinfectant, nappies for all ages (including adults), feminine hygiene pads, new underwear and socks, food: tinned and dry goods, cereals, oatmeal, rice, flour, sugar and cooking oil.

Once you have done this then write the age group and gender the parcel is for and attach this along with £2 to the outside of each shoebox as this will help pay for transport costs.

If you would prefer to write a cheque, make it payable to The New Hope Trust and place it in a sealed envelope on the top of the parcel.

The parcels need to be with the Trust by the last Friday in November. You can also donate via mobile phone - text CMAS21 £10 to 70070; go to and click on ‘donate’ or call 0845 230 4673 to make a donation by phone.

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