Wood Group in major sponsorship for ARCHIE


Leading children’s charity The ARCHIE Foundation has announced a major support package for their ‘High 10 for ARCHIE’ 10th anniversary appeal for Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital. Wood Group has pledged to support two key steps of the campaign ‘To make Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital a world-class hospital for today and tomorrow’s sick children’.

The company, which has been a supporter of ARCHIE since its earliest days, has undertaken to help to deliver step one ‘A Warm Welcome’ and step nine ‘Fresh air’ in what is the biggest single sponsorship package ever received by the charity.

Chief Executive of the ARCHIE Foundation, David Cunningham, was delighted to receive the news following a presentation of the two projects to senior management of the company.

“Wood Group has been a friend and supporter of the ARCHIE Foundation since its earliest days,” said David.

“They have not only funded such important projects as the wonderful Sensory room in RACH, but their staff get involved in projects too. A team of Wood Group personnel has transformed the garden area beside the Young Person’s Department at Cornhill, creating a lovely, relaxing environment for young people and their families to enjoy.

“This magnificent support package we are announcing today, the single biggest such package we have ever received, will involve Wood Group staff from across the region raising funds in many different ways, and then helping us to make these projects come to life with practical help and expertise. This will make such a difference to sick children coming to the hospital, some of them several times a week for long periods of time. The area outside the main entrance will be transformed with wild flower beds and giant topiary animals, the outside play spaces will be transformed, and the reception area of the hospital will become one of the most welcoming ever seen – colourful, interesting and very child friendly. We are all very excited to see our plans becoming reality and we are unbelievably grateful to all the people in Wood Group for this fantastic support.”

Tony Dinozzi, Group Head of Mergers and Acquisitions at Wood Group said: “We are really delighted to be supporting The ARCHIE Foundation with their ‘High 10 for ARCHIE’ appeal. We are passionate about helping people in the communities we work in and we know this appeal will make a huge difference to the lives of sick children and their families.”