Woman appeals for broken paths to be repaired

Christian Watson stands next to the broken slabs where she fell
Christian Watson stands next to the broken slabs where she fell

A Peterhead woman is appealing for work to be carried out on dangerous paths in the town after she became victim to a nasty fall.

Christian Watson went out for a walk along the path at the top of Invernettie Road, just off Slains Court, on Saturday, October 12 and tripped on a broken piece of slab causing her to fall.

Christian Watson's injuries after falling near Slains Court

Christian Watson's injuries after falling near Slains Court

After falling, she required stitches to her face and had bruises around her jaw and ribs which caused her a large amount of pain.

Christian also voiced concern about her teeth as three had become loose after the incident.

Speaking to the Buchanie, Christian said: “The path is dangerous and can get very slippery - it has been in this state for at least six years.

“Will it take someone to fall and break their neck before anything is done about the death -trap of a path leading from the top of Invernettie Road to the top of Clerkhill Road?

“I have fallen here before but luckily it wasn’t as bad as this and I know several people have fallen here too.

“I certainly won’t forget when it happened as it was a week before my 75th birthday.

“I am now avoiding it and walking the long way round to the shops.”

Christian hopes the path can be fixed before someone else suffers an injury: “A lot of older people are scared to walk on the path and something needs to be done before someone falls.”

Before the incident, Christian was finding confidence on her feet again after having two hip operations as she explained: “I was hoping to manage without my staff, however since my accident I’m terrified to put one foot past the other without it.

“I’m usually a confident person but now I’m taking it easy because I’m scared it will happen again.”

Some slabs on the path are broken with parts sticking up, while others have sunken into the ground making it hazardous as Christian said: “It is hard to tell where you are putting your feet when it is covered with leaves or water.

“I’m lucky to have my stick to help me but for those who don’t it is very dangerous.”