Wind turbine plans approved despite objection from MOD

FULL planning permission has been granted for the erection of a wind turbine at Monyruy, Longside despite concerns from the Ministry of Defence.

Councillors at a Buchan Area Committee meeting approved plans for the 45.45m turbine at a Dairy Farm owned by farmer Colin Mair.

The Ministry of Defence had raised concerns about the turbine, sighting the “cumulative” number of Buchan wind turbines that could interfere with RAF radar systems.

But Councillors rejected concerns on the basis that it had not been proved that radar signals would be affected by the Monyruy turbine.

Applicant Mr Mair said: “The Ministry of Defence did not have any objections to the proposed turbine when we initially lodged the application. It seems very unfair and very unusual that they would not have any objections and then change their minds six months later.”

Members heard that this is one of two applications for wind turbines on land at Monyruy Farm.

The application initially proposed the erection of two 45.5 metre high wind turbines on farmland to the north of Monyruy Farm, but in response to concerns raised by consultees the application has been amended to one turbine only.

Councillors heard that a total of 18 representations were received (20 letters in total), in support of the application.

The letters stated that renewable energy should be supported; welcomed additional financial income to the local area; claimed the wind turbines would reduce farm business costs and provide a lower carbon footprint, and would have no adverse impacts on the character of the area due to the size.

Councillor for Central Buchan Albert Howie said: “I’m very very supportive of this application on the basis that the Ministry of Defence said it was okay to begin with and then changed their minds later. I haven’t seen an RAF plane go past my home for more than ten years. This is the perfect place for a turbine as it is on the Plain of Buchan which is quite low lying ground.”