Who’s building what and where in Buchan

The following planning applications have been submitted to Aberdeenshire Council for consideration:

Erection of a house at Hawthorn, Gaval Street, Fetterangus, for Mr R. Gall, per Baxter Design, Aden Hall, 9 Kirkgate, Old Deer.

Alterations and extension to domestic garage at 60 henderson Circle, Peterhead, for Mr James Harrison, per Baxter Design.

Erection of a detached garage at Smiddyhill, Hatton, for Miss Angie Milne, per SG Brown Architect Ltd, The Girnal, Slains, Ellon.

Erection of a house on land adjacent to Ashlea, Old Deer, for Mr J. Catto, per Baxter Design., Aden Hall, 9 Kirkgate, Old Deer.

Change of use of land from domestic curtilage to agricultural and erection of agricultural storage and workshop building at Highfield, Manse Street, New Leeds, for Mr and Mrs C. Easton.

Erection of four houses on land adjacent to former Maud Hospital, Bank Road, Maud, for Mr Alasdair Orr.

Formation of domestic equestrian sand school at Uppertack of Grassiehill, Maud, for Mr William Wright.

Alterations and extension to house at 8 Thistle Gardens, Mintlaw, for Mr K. Simpson, per KL Reid Associates Ltd, 4 Glebefield, Longside.

Demolition of bothy, erection of replacement house and formation of access road at North Mains, Hatton, for M. Masson, per Baxter Design.

Erection of house (amendment of house design to planning permission) at plot 34, West Clerkhill Farm Development, Kinmundy Road, Peterhead, for Claymore Homes, Bridgend, Longside.

Meanwhile, the following building warrant applications have also been submitted for approval:

Proposd removal of wall between kitchen and dining room at 18 Mill Street, Stuartfield.

Amendment to add underfloor heating and minor amendments at plot 44, Greenacres, Kinmundy Road, Peterhead.

Amendment to increase extension length and window sizes/positions altered at Hinmaist, Auchanten, Hatton.

Erection of conservatory to rear of property at Hillhead of Halligon, Maud.

Amendment to kitchen and drainage layouts at plot 42, Greenacres, Kinmundy Road, Peterhead.

Amendment to kitchen/utility/bathroom and drainage layouts at plot 53, Greenacres, Wester Clerkhill Farm, Peterhead.

The erection of 24 houses and associated garages - stage 1, at North Woods, Mintlaw.