Who’s building what and where around Buchan

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THE following planning applications have been submitted to Aberdeenshire Council for consideration:

Erection of domestic horse riding school (manege) at North Whitecairns, New Deer, for Mr G. Forrest and Miss T. Jamieson, per Mr William G. Jamieson, 11 Old Mart Avenue, Insch.

Alterations and extension to house at The Old Orchard, Nether Aden, Mintlaw, for Mr and Mrs M. Finnie, per KL Reid Associates Ltd, 4 Glebefield, Longside.

Alterations and extension to house at Backhill of Lenabo, Clola, for Mr and Mrs I. Mackie, Per KL Reid Associates Ltd.

Discharge of planning obligation (removal of agricultural tie to the land, condition 2) in connection with the grant of planning permission for erection of a house at North Techmuiry, Strichen, for Mr M. J. Bell, per Baxter Design, 9 Kirkgate, Old Deer.

Erection of house and garage on land to rear of Holmwood, 103 High Street, Strichen, for Mr Brown and Miss Rae, per Baxter Design.

Removal of condition 3, 14, 15 and 16 in connection with the grant subject to conditions of planning permission for residential development on land at former Water Tower site off Kinmundy Road, Peterhead, for Mr J. Will.

Erection of two wind turbines (total height 79m) with associated access track, hardstanding and sub-station at Crimond Camp, Crimond, for Ms. Gillian Mitchell, per Farm Energy Consulting, Rod McGovern, Unit 15, Netherton Business Centre, Kemnay.

Alterations and extension to house at 48 School Road, Meethill, for Mr P. Carlyle.

Meanwhile, the following building warrant applications have also been submitted for consideration:

Amendment for stage 6, HBI superstructure, at HMP Peterhead, South Road, Peterhead.

Installation of front door at Hillview, The Street, Rora.

Amendment to omit roof lights at 5a Water Street, Strichen.

Proposed conversion of loft to form two additional bedrooms and en-suite at 8 Fleeman Avenue, Longside.