Who’s building what and where around Buchan

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THE following planning applications have been submitted to Aberdeenshire Council for consideration:

Installation of replacement windows (retrospective) at 31 and 33 Gladstone Road, Peterhead, for Mr J. Strachan.

Erection of replacement 33kv electricity overhead line on land between substations at Strichen and New Pitsligo, for SSE Power Distribution per Mr I Williamson, SSE Power Distribution, 200 Ashgrove Road West, Aberdeen.

Construction of flood alleviation measures comprising provision of ditch and carrier drain to allow surface water drainage to Den Burn Watercourse at feld bounding 9-15 School Street, New Pitsligo, for Aberdeenshire Council Infrastructure Services (Roads), per Mr S. Andrew, Aberdeenshire Council Infrastructure Services Roads, Gordon House, Blackhall Road, Inverurie.

Erection of replacement non-illuminated advertisement signage on granite cladding at Quantum Data Solutions, 3-5 Marischal Street, Peterhead, for Mr D. Arthur, Quantum Data Solutions per Mr Steven Martin, 3 Hedgefield Cottages, Muirfield Road, Inverness.

Variation of planning permission to amend roofing material and basecourse material at Assembly of God, Reidfield Place, St. Combs, for Assembly of God, per Hastie Weir Building Consultant, 20 Sutherland Drive, Airdrie.

Alterations and extension to house at 2 Inchmore Gardens, Boddam, for Ms G. Tebbutt, per George Hadden Arvhitectural Agent, Inverurie Business Park, Oldmeldrum Road, Inverurie.

Alterations and extension to house at 73 West Road, Peterhead, for Mr W. Furey, per Coupar & MacGregor Design Solutions, 86 Summerhill Crescent, Aberdeen.

Alterations and extension to house at South Kiplaw Farm, Hatton, for Mr and Mrs L. Finnie, per Mr Michael Slesser, Victual House, Esslemont, Ellon.

Alterations and extension to house at 53 Towerhill, Peterhead, for Mr and Mrs M. Matthew.

Renewal of planning eprmission for erection of house on site adjacent to Culloden, Aulton Road, Cruden Bay, for Milynn Property CompanyLtd, per Baxter Design, Aden Hall, 9 Kirkgate, Old Deer.

Meanwhile, the following building warrant applications have also been submitted for consideration:

Proposed conversion of existing floored loft to form bedroom at 24 Birnie Place, Boddam.

Erection of 17 houses on land at Sawmill, Strichen.

Erection of two-storey extension comprising ground floor family room and utility room and additional bedroom on first floor at 11 Links Terrace, Peterhead.

Amendment to change layout to form six apartment house and garage at Stephensden, Lonmay.

Demolition of seven buildings within priosn grounds, perimeter walls/fences and adjacent garages at HM Prison, South Road, Peterhead.