Warning to dog owners after pet poisoned

A Peterhead dog owner is warning others to be vigilant as their pet became unwell after eating rat poison.

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said their three-year-old very fit and healthy black Labrador had become ill following their usual morning walk around Prunier Drive on Tuesday, January 14.

Their pet was let off its lead at a park in the area and that is where it is believed the dog picked up the poison.

It was only after the owners returned from work in the evening that they discovered there was something wrong with their beloved pet.

After spending the night at a local vet, it is believed the dog had ingested rat poison.

They don’t believe their pet was targeted as they have only lived in the area for around three months.

The owner urges others to take extra care when out walking their dogs and asks them to report anything suspicious to the police.