Warning issued over charging devices

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is warning the public about the danger of leaving mobile phones charging overnight after an overheated charger caught fire and injured a young boy at a house in Elgin.

Two appliances from Elgin attended and were faced with a small fire in a bedroom within the property.

Station Manager Shaun Burns said: “The fire was caused by an overheated mobile phone charger which had been left charging on the bed.

“It had overheated to such an extent that the bedding caught fire and caused burn injuries to the young boy in the room.”

He added: “This incident had the potential to be even more serious and we can’t stress enough how important it is to unplug mobile chargers before you go to bed.

“We would advise unplugging any such electrical item overnight and even when charging phones or other devices during the day.

“Don’t leave them on top of any kind of material or near flammable surfaces,” he added.