Volunteers tackle litter at the Lido

Councillor Fiona McRae with the volunteers at the litter pick up.
Councillor Fiona McRae with the volunteers at the litter pick up.

Volunteers and Peterhead Councillors joined forces recently to tackle the perennial problem of litter.

The helpers met at the Lido with colourful wellie boots, hats, decorated litter pickers and decorated shopping trolleys with black bag lining to tidy up the paths along the shoreline.

Commenting, Councillor Fiona McRae said: “We noticed a lot of people out walking their dogs. Some people stopped to speak, others were shocked we did it at all, but none of them ignored us!

“To anyone who wants to help and to people who care about the state of roads, paths and public areas, come along and find out more. You won’t believe what a great bunch of people you’ll be working with.

“The people of St Combs have also turned their hands to the same good practice, keeping the lanes which run between the streets free of weeds and litter. They have a grand team meeting every week, and their hard work is to be noted and commended.

“Cllr Anne Allan and myself try to get along to help the Peterhead team whenever possible and I can only repeat that it is a most worthwhile way to spend an hour or two - good excercise too!

“Please do your bit. If you can’t get along, at least be mindful of your own behaviour and don’t be a litter bug!”