Visitors enjoy Buchanie tour

The young people with employment co-ordinator Paul Kuc, Buchanie editor Morag Kuc and reporter Kirstie Topp.
The young people with employment co-ordinator Paul Kuc, Buchanie editor Morag Kuc and reporter Kirstie Topp.

The Buchanie recently received a visit from a group of young people who are currently training on the Employability Fund Programme.

The group, under the guidance of ENABLE Scotland’s employment co-ordinator Paul Kuc, visited the Seagate offices to see how the the paper is put together.

The visit also gave the young people the opportunity to ask questions of the staff about their jobs and the paper’s role within the community.

The visit was at a return invitation after the Buchanie editorial team had visited another group of ENABLE Scotland youngsters earlier this year.

After being shown around the office and given an introduction on how news stories are templated up on computer screens to create the pages, the group was able to ask questions of Buchanie editor Morag Kuc and reporter Kirstie Topp about their jobs and why they became journalists.

The visit was an opportunity for the ENABLE Scotland group to practice their communications skills with a local employer and for them to get an insight to a newsroom at work.

Mr Kuc said: “It is important for young people to be able to demonstrate that they have confidence and can communicate well with people they don’t usually come into contact with.

“This visit gave everyone the chance to meet people doing their jobs in a normal work place and for them to find out what it’s like working in the world of journalism.

“Hopefully one of them will be inspired to consider becoming a journalist as well.”

Morag added: “It was great to welcome the guys from ENABLE down to our offices to let them see how the paper is put together and what’s involved.

“Kirstie and I did a similar thing earlier this year when we went to the ENABLE offices and spoke with the young people so it was good to actually get them down to the office and show them how we work on a daily basis.

“I hope that it was of interest and beneficial to the group,” she added.

ENABLE Works is part of ENABLE Scotland and works across 22 council areas in Scotland.

It runs training and youth groups to help young people develop skills for life.

It also delivers national job seeker programmes the Employability Fund and Work First and Work Able, for people who have disabilities.