Unlock the Bible with Abi

A NEW weekly Bible teaching and time of discussion is to be held for the first time this Friday.

Rev Dr. Abi Ngunga will be hosting the hour long sessions at St Andrew’s Church Hall on Queen Street.

The teaching nights will be held from 7.30pm to 8.30pm and everyone is invited.

Speaking to the Buchanie, Rev Dr. Abi said: “There will be a variety of evenings with an emphasis on teaching.

“There will be a box in which people can put in a topic they would like to speak about and it may be chosen.

“The evenings will also allow people who have questions that have been bothering them to freely ask and get advice.”

The topics in mind for the discussions include poverty, addiction and suffering, for example, through a breavement.

After the teachings are finished, refreshments will be available.

“It is only an hour so it will be like ice-breaking and people can bring along poems they have written or young people can come and play music.” Rev Dr. Abi said.

He added: “Moving on to the future, other pastors are welcome to come along and share god’s gift.

“We may also get special speakers in to talk about specific topics.”