UK consumers most likely to shop online on Mondays

As Retail Therapy Week begins today (May 22-28) to celebrate the positive impact shopping can have on people, new research reveals that Monday is the most popular day for UK consumers to indulge in some retail relaxation.

Monday, 22nd May 2017, 1:48 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:05 pm

The research from ecommerce data experts, PCA Predict, (a GBG company), found that Mondays generated the biggest ecommerce web and mobile traffic from consumers in the UK, averaging 1,262,665 visits.

This equates to 16% of all web and mobile ecommerce traffic during the week in Britain, happening on Monday.

The highest volume of traffic during Mondays is from 11am-3pm, where on average, at least 80,000 consumers are browsing for bargains each hour, with 1pm being the most popular hour to shop on that day. It also peaks again at 8pm when roughly over 80,000 British consumers log on again to shop.

The research also reveals that consumers are least likeliest to shop over the weekend, with Friday, Saturday and Sunday registering the lowest number of consumers browsing on ecommerce websites. Saturday is the lowest, with just 986,357 shoppers visiting online retailers’ websites. This trend also points to UK consumers being most likely to visit bricks and mortar retailers during the weekends, when the majority have the availability to do so.

The data also revealed that the busiest week for online shopping in the UK so far this year was from 13-19th March, with roughly 1,200,000 million consumers on the lookout for online purchases.

PCA Predict’s address verification service is used by over 11,000 leading ecommerce brands. This research is based off the billions of online purchase transactions that PCA Predict’s platform facilitates each day and this data is compiled by the company’s Ecommerce Trends tool.

Currently the UK retail sales (both online and offline) are worth £358 billion to the UK economy with 12% of sales being made online.

Chris Boaz, Head of Marketing, of PCA Predict said: “Thanks to the era we now live in, retail never sleeps and consumers are in complete control as to when and how they want to shop online. This presents a number of significant challenges to retailers, but the biggest of which is meeting their customer’s expectations. Regardless of the time or day, they demand a smooth and seamless experience, especially at the checkout. In fact, PCA Predict’s own research has found that 85% of online shoppers abandon their order if presented with complicated or lengthy checkout forms.”

“Failure to meet these heightened expectations means you might miss out on a crucial sale. Given how competitive ecommerce now is, no retailer can afford this.”