Ugie Road Plans approved

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A DISUSED showroom on Ugie Road is to be demolished to make way for a house.

The application submitted by Mr and Mrs R. Ewen of St. Fergus, Peterhead was passed by Councillors at a recent Buchan area committee.

Permission was granted although a report put before the committee by Head of Planning and Building standards David MacLennan recommended that the plans be refused.

Mr MacLennan said: “This proposal fails to comply with Council policy and guidance in that it would introduce new development at odds with the established pattern of development. The development would constitute over development to the detriment of the character and residential amenity of the area, and if approved would established an undesirable precedent for similar cramped development to the overall determinant of the area.”

Councillor for Peterhead North and Rattary Alan Buchan said: “Before the applicants moved into the site it was a large ugly shed, they have done a lot to improve the site. I fully support the application.”

There are two showrooms on the site at the moment. The plan is to knock down one of the showroooms and to reduce the size of the second.

The house will be a modern in design but will be finished with traditional pink granite to fit in with houses in the area.

Councillor for Peterhead North and Rattary Fiona McRae agreed with her follow councillors saying: “I liked the design, I thought it fitted in with the character of the area.”

Albert Howie Councillor for Central Buchan added: “I’m happy to send that proposal through. There are no objections, you would think if it would be that over bearing people would have objected.”