Woman slams Stagecoach

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A St COMBS woman has been left seething after an incident last month involving Stagecoach Bluebird.

Mrs Barbara Forsyth had hoped to catch a bus from St Combs to Fraserburgh but was told by a Stagecoach driver that she would be unable to travel in the bus that was scheduled to take passengers to Fraserburgh as it had broken down.

She maintains he instead suggested that Mrs Forsyth should take a taxi to Fraserburgh and that Stagecoach would reimburse her taxi fare. He gave Mrs Forsyth assurances that Stagecoach travellers had been recompensed in the past where the bus company was unable to fulfil its timetable commitments.

Mrs Forsyth travelled to Fraserburgh by taxi so she could catch the connecting bus into Aberdeen, and afterwards handed in her cab fare to the Stagecoach offices in Fraserburgh.

However, to her astonishment, Mrs Forsyth was told by Stagecoach that no reimbursement would be paid. In a letter to Mrs Forsyth, Stagecoach apologised for any inconvenience caused but said: “We are not liable for any cost or inconvenience caused by a particular service being unavailable to you.”

Commenting on the incident, Mrs Forsyth said: “Luckily I managed to get a taxi and I was assured by a bus driver I would get my money back. But to then be told by Stagecoach that I wouldn’t get reimbursed is unacceptable. I feel completely cheated.”

Commenting on the incident, Stagecoach said: “Refunds can be issued depending on the circumstances, however on this occasion the delay was out-with our control and a later journey was available”.