The long, car-packed road back home....

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On a recent trip down to England the pleasurable drive was spoiled only by the horrendous traffic congestion experienced in Aberdeen.

Even Kingsway in Dundee pales in significance against the bumper-to-bumper nightmare journey that faces any driver heading into - or out of - the Granite City around the early morning or tea-time rush hour.

And what’s even more depressing is there is absolutely no way of avoiding it if you hit it at the wrong time.

We sailed around Glasgow, Perth, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham....but as we headed into Aberdeen at 5.50pm we ground to a halt!

And it got no better as we headed out of Aberdeen towards Peterhead, with tractors and lorries slowing the flow of traffic and overtaking an impossibility.

So what’s needed to improve our infrastructure?

We asked our Facebook friends what they thought of the roads infrastructure in this north-east corner.

Here are just a few of your comments:

Carol-Anne Murphy:

“Yes, I would love to get away from driving on the Aberdeen to Peterhead road and jump on a train. It’s too busy with lorries and tractors, too stressful to drive in at any time of the day and if we had trains there might be less accidents on the road. Not so sure about a dual carriageway, look how long its taken the AWPR to get passed and not even started building yet and there is always someone who will try to object to it.”

Sue Cowie:

“We definitely need trains back up and running. My 18 year-old has just gone to Uni in Paisley, choosing not to have a car down there, and use their rail network for his day-to-day travel.”

Lorraine Cumming:

“Oh definitely would love the railway back. As you say the worst part of any journey is Aberdeen to Peterhead. The road is always choc-a-bloc it would make such a difference I’m sure to so many folk who work in Aberdeen as well.”

Ian Hepworth:

“Tractors should be banned from the road between 6am and 9am and again from 4pm to 7pm. The other week I got stuck behind a combine from Ellon to just after Hatton at 540pm on the A90 and no one could overtake even though it was doing 20kmh.”

Yvonne Irvine:

“Something needs to be done. I like the idea of the railway. The Aberdeen to Peterhead road is not fit for purpose for amount of traffic that uses it!”

Susan Macintosh:

“The railway to Peterhead would be fantastic just a shame they couldn’t make Peterhead a better town first! I would hate to be a kid or teen in the town there is nothing to do no decent shops and it’s always cold. It would be great if they put a roof over the main street and introduced some better shops. I was gutted when home bargains went into Focus. That would have made a great bowling alley with a indoor paintball place and a hoodless type place and a pizza hut or similar the town could be so much better.”

Lara Brown:

“I totally beg to differ Susan Macintosh! A railway into Peterhead would be fab but for you to say there is nothing for young kids or teens to do is totally wrong. There is plenty for kids to do; a skate park, beaches, swimming pool cinema, sports halls various clubs, running track football pitches! Kids moan they’re bored and folk say there is nothing to do and the town is a dive, well invest some of your money instead of driving to Aberdeen and we may have some shops invest here. Back to the point though, the road is atrocious during the day, the bus is even worse, sometimes taking 1hr and 30 minutes. We definitely need better roads/a train station/reliable and more frequent bus service.”

Dawn-Anne Beattie:

“Most definitely need something done. The traffic in Aberdeen is horrendous and trying to get home after 4pm any week day takes more than two hours. Whether a train would be viable or not is another debate.”

Danny Wakelin:

“I am with you all the way. Did you return via Glasgow? All those miles of new perfect road between Carlisle and Stirling, what do we have? a few new patches and lines at the many small villages we have to pass though on the way! Mr Salmond seams to think an independent Scotland will manage on oil money from Aberdeenshire, I think Aberdeenshire should get independence from the whole lot! We are the forgotten corner.”

Deborah Harding:

“Roads between Peterhead and Aberdeen are way behind the times. There should have been a dual carriageway the whole way years ago.”

Iain Smith:

“It’s one of the main reasons we’ll be selling up and heading south. Would anybody like to buy a wee cottage by the sea? Magnificent coastal views!”