Speeding concern on Matthew Drive

Matthew Drive, Peterhead
Matthew Drive, Peterhead

A resident of Matthew Drive, Peterhead has written to MSP Stewart Stevenson highlighting his concern that not enough is being done to prevent speeding on the street.

Daniel Wakelin is worried that one day, a child from nearby Clerkhill School will be seriously hurt by someone driving too fast.

Matthew Drive, Peterhead

Matthew Drive, Peterhead

He said: “Matthew Drive is a densely populated street with a number of junctions along it, all of which have restricted visibility due to garden walls and parked cars.

“We regularly witness cars and vans travelling at great speed as the speed cushions are so ineffective.

“Aberdeenshire Council’s original proposal was to install proper speed reduction tools including raised sections of road that you could not drive around, however this was changed to the current situation with no consultation with residents.”

Daniel added: “Just before Christmas we lost a family pet due to a speeding driver, this was at 3.15pm when all the school children were returning home. Whilst it was upsetting for our family and the children who witnessed it, it would have been far worse should it have been a child.

“I have serious concerns that someone will get killed shortly, and I would like evidence that as a resident, I have done all I can to protect my family and neighbours from this on going issue.”

Daniel believes the speeding has been caused by the new homes built over the last 14 years at Kinmundy Heights.

He explained: “Matthew Drive was supposed to be closed off at the start of the new buildings once all work had been completed. This again has not been done and again no consultation with residents”

Commenting, local MSP Stewart Stevenson said: “Following concerns raised with me regarding the speed of traffic travelling on Matthew Drive, I raised the matter with Aberdeenshire Council and requested that a speed survey be carried out in light of this.

“The council have responded positively to my request and advise that following analysis of the results, they will give consideration as to what further measures may be required.”