South Road speed limit to be curbed over safety fears

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Traffic speeds on a stretch of Peterhead’s South Road could be reduced in a bid to improve road safety.

Members of the Buchan area committee will be asked to approve a reduction in speed from the current 40mph to 30mph when they meet in Peterhead on Tuesday.

In a report to go before Tuesday’s meeting, director of infrastructure services, Stephen Archer, says that a deputation from South Road resident Linda Buchan, on behalf of residents in the area of the junctions of the A982 with South Road and MileEnd regarding the traffic flow and pedestrian safety was heard by the area committee inDecember last year.

The committee requested Mr Archer to investigate the concerns and to report back to them within three committee cycles.

Mr Archer says: “Due to gas main renewal works at the junctions which required the use of temporary traffic lights it was not possible to undertake a traffic speed and vehicle movement survey during the period of investigation and it was agreed to delay the report until May.

“Traffic volume and speed surveys were carried out in March on both the A982 and South Road.

“Following analysis of these results it was decided to survey the slip road from the A982 onto South Road to ascertain if the speed of vehicles entering South Road had an influence on right turn manoeuvres from South Road towards Peterhead town centre,” he said, “This survey was carried out in April.”

Mr Archer says on the basis of results it was found that the junction had adequate capacity for the traffic volumes encountered and would not meet the criteria for either a mini roundabout or traffic lights as requested.

“Accident statistics were also analysed and indicated that there were nine reportable accidents between 2005 and 2012 at the junction.

“Of these one involved vehicles skidding on ice or snow, four involved vehicles exiting South Road, two involved rear end shunts of stationary vehicles and two involved vehicles exiting Mile-End. These evidence-led statistics do not indicate that these junctions require any intervention,” he says.

“It is clear from the traffic speed survey that the speeds recorded fall within the general parameters for a 30mph speed limit and that a reduction in the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph between the War Memorial and a point approximately 250m south of South Road junction should be considered as this may lead to a further reduction in the speed of vehicles approaching the junctions.

“Informal discussions with Police Scotland indicate that they may be supportive of a reduction as it may lead to lower traffic speed. In addition the lower speeds would improve the safety of pedestrians using the five centre island refuges between Dales Road and Forman Drive,” he adds.