Revised passenger transport strategy approved for Shire

Councillors have approved a revised Passenger Transport Strategy (PTS) for Aberdeenshire.

It sets out the policy background, proposed strategy objectives and a policy framework for the delivery of passenger transport services in Aberdeenshire.

This includes public bus services, home to school transport, social work transport, community transport and demand responsive transport.

The strategy is based on partnership working and the council will be engaging with interested parties in the coming months to implement it. This will include a review of the supported public transport network.

It envisages a range of passenger transport service types, including mainline, cross country, feeder, free-standing rural and town services.

It also suggests the most likely means of service delivery in each case, but is not prescriptive.

A full review of how passenger transport services are currently supported and provided by the council will be undertaken with a view to implementing any proposals in August 2015.

Alan Buchan, vice-chair of the Infrastructure Services Committee, said “The Passenger Transport Strategy provides a strong foundation to review the way Aberdeenshire Council delivers key passenger transport services.”

You can view the report onluine at