Parking review for town centre

Peterhead car park
Peterhead car park

A three-week information gathering exercise is to be conducted by Aberdeenshire Council into parking in

Peterhead’s town centre.

Members of the Buchan area committee will be asked to approve the move when they meet in Peterhead on Tuesday.

As part of a review of car parking charges in all towns in Aberdeenshire with pay & display, analysis of finacial data and a survey of useage of on-street and off-street parking was carried out in the Blue Toon.

It has since become apparent, following a series of public meetings, that what had been omitted from the process and timetable was an opportunity for the public to put forward their suggestions for the best use of car parking in the town.

The three-week exercise will run from Friday, August 30 to Friday, September 20 to seek public views and allow folk to raise any other car parking matters they may want to make known.

Councillors were told that the exercise will be electronic with those interested being able to email in their comments and/or complete an online survey questionnaire. Replies by mail will also be encouraged.

Publicity will be in the form of press releases, information on the council’s website, a flier sent to all community councils and posters in public buildings and in pay & display car parks.

The feedback and a finalised set of proposals for Peterhead will be presented to the area committee at its meeting on Tuesday, October 8, at which time the committee will be asked to make its views known to the council’s infrastructure services committee.

Among the proposals being suggested for comment is free parking in all of the town’s pay & display car parks after 3pm.

This was suggested to encourage greater use of the car parks when they are relatively quiet. Initial surveys/fundamental data collected the loss of income to the car parks budget is likely to be in the order of spaces; 50 x 3 hours x 250 days = £27,000.

Another suggestion is to allow free parking for the first hour. This was suggested to encourage more cars to park in the town centre to visit shops. Assuming all the one hour (60p) tarrif income would be lost, the total loss would be £73,000 (based on 2012/13 figures).

A further proposal would see the removal of pay & display parking on Broad Street. It was felt that this ‘section’ of town needed free parking in order to encourage higher visitor rates and increased footfall. Assuming the loss of income would be complete, it is estimated it would amount to £46,000.

The final option is the installation of barriers in the Threadneedle Street and Princes Street car parks. This would require a different payment machine.

The layout of these car parks would lend themselves to a barrier system. The costs have not been calcuated to any degree but could assume to be £20,000 per car park.