MSP warns installing bollards at dangerous north-east junction is not the answer

North East list MSP Liam Kerr has warned installing bollards at a dangerous junction is not the answer to reducing the “terrifying” number of collisions.

By Brian Yule
Thursday, 26th May 2022, 6:17 pm
Liam Kerr MSP wants to see a roundabout installed at Cortes junction to improve safety
Liam Kerr MSP wants to see a roundabout installed at Cortes junction to improve safety

Kerr wrote to transport minister Jenny Gilruth voicing his concerns at the number of serious accidents at the A90/A952 Cortes junction after a seven-year-old girl and a woman had to be airlifted to hospital following a crash in March.

He called on the Scottish Government to fast track plans to replace the junction with a roundabout but in a response to his letter, Ms Gilruth said bollards are to be installed to improve safety.

She wrote: “Following a review of the injury collision history as part of our 2020/21 annual screening process, I am advised the A90 Cortes Junction was identified as a site for further investigation.

"Road safety interventions were recommended to improve the skid resistance of the road surface and the general conspicuity of the junction through street furniture and road marking improvements.

"Surfacing and road marking improvements were completed in December 2021. BEAR Scotland are currently awaiting delivery of new junction bollards which are due to be installed this month.”

Plans for a roundabout are included in the Nestrans regional transport strategy and are currently being considered as part of Transport Scotland’s Strategy Transport Projects Review 2 (STPR2) process.

Mr Kerr said: “Bollards are not the answer to reducing the terrifying number of collisions that we are seeing at the Cortes junction on a weekly basis.

“The Scottish Government has even admitted there is a major safety issue at the junction but Jenny Gilruth is delusional if she thinks bollards are enough to stop these serious accidents from happening.

“It appears they haven’t bothered to look at the reasons behind these collisions and instead just decided something must be seen to be done, whether or not it provides the solution.

“We need to a proper upgrade which is why I back plans from Nestrans to install a roundabout. Cortes must be included in the final STPR2 report along with the Toll of Birness to prevent any further fatalities occurring at these horrendous junctions.”