Major traffic shake up in Peterhead

Peterhead's Maiden Street who have more parking and disabled bays under new road management plans
Peterhead's Maiden Street who have more parking and disabled bays under new road management plans

Peterhead could soon be on the road to a major shake-up of its traffic infrastructure.

Buchan councillors will this week discuss the overhaul of the town’s roads and routes as part of a proposed traffic management review.

Aberdeenshire Council’s roads team have painstakingly mapped out an array of changes to speed limits, parking restrictions and traffic-calming measures to improve the Blue Toon’s traffic flow.

They’ve already got the backing of local members and Police Scotland have given their seal of approval for the plans.

Among the more notable changes would see a one-way system introduced outside Buchanhaven School on Hope Street - which for years has been plagued by congested parking.

Provision of additional ‘At Any Time’ restrictions at the junctions with George Garden Avenue is also being aimed at improving visibility of drivers and improving safety for school pedestrians.

In his report to councillors, director of Infrstraucture Services, Stephen Archer, says: “Towns throughout Aberdeenshire are reviewed periodically with respect to traffic management requirements brought about by increasing numbers of vehicles and new development.

“A review of the Traffic Management in Peterhead has been carried out and some problems have been identified that would benefit the community if resolved.”

It is anticipated that the proposals will be met from the Road Maintenance Programme for 2014-2015, and that capital funding bids amounting to £25,000 will be made for the proposals at Hope Street, Berryden Road and Waterside Way.

School safety is also the focus at Berryden Road where a part-time 20mph flashing sign will be introduced near Dales Park School.

In the town centre there would be a general relaxing of ‘At Any Time’ restrictions to enable more temporary and full-time car-parking to be created, plus the addition of more disabled parking bays.

Erroll Street, Love Lane and Prince Street would all get more scope for short-term 45-minute parking, while Maiden Street would get a partial relaxation to allow additional all-day parking.

Longate and Windmill Street would also benefit from additional all-day parking.

There’s also good news for cyclists who will be given all-day access to Marischal Street and Thistle Street.

Elsewhere, Roanheads will get a weight restriction put in place to prevent access by large vehicles.

Across the town there would be several instances of ‘At Any Time’ restrictions actually being introduced to improve visible at junctions.

Notable areas include Clerkhill Road, Forrest Road, Forrest Place, King Street, Links Terrace and South Road, and Maiden Street and Tolbooth Wynd.

20mph speed limits

Mandatory 20mph speed limits would also be introduced on the following routes:

Arran Avenue, Ashgrove Place, Balmoor Terrace (U190b slip road), Blackhills Crescent, Brooklands Avenue, Cedar Avenue, Collieburn Crescent, Craigewan Crescent, Dales View Drive/Place, Dickie Drive, Dingwall Drive, George Garden Avenue, Grange Park Place, Grange Park Road, Greenbrae Place, Golf Road, Heath Drive, Hope Street (30m west of Craigewan Crescent to Morven Crescent), Iona Avenue, Kinmundy Gardens, Lea Rig Road, Lemon Grove, Lilac Grove, Lochside Road & Place, Morningside Avenue, Monument Close, Morven Crescent, Parkhill Road, Pinewood Place, Poplar Crescent, Prince Street(Station Road to Landale Road), Pusey Place, Raasay Road, Ravenscraig Road, Riverside Drive, Rose Avenue & Place, Rowanbank, Scotstown Road, Skelton Street, Staffa Street, Station Road (from Queen Street to Prince Street), Thores Road, Ugiebank Place, Whitehill Place, Willowbank Road.

30 mph speed limits

It is also proposed to introduce a 30mph speed limit on the following streets:

A950 Longside Road – extending the 30mph speed limit out of town to within 30m of A90 trunk road

A982 North Road – extending the 30mph speed limit to within a point 20 metres or thereby northwest of Waterside Way.

A982 South Road - extending the 30mph speed limit to a point 130 metres or thereby northeast of Meethill Road.

A982 King Street, Queen Street & Balmoor Terrace and C38b Queen Street – redefinition of 30 mph descriptions due to above extensions of 30 mph speed limits. C48b South Road - extending the 30mph speed limit from its junction with the A982 South Road to its junction with the U190b South Bay Access Road

40mph speed limits

A982 North Road - Redefinition of 40 mph speed limit due to above extensions of 30mph speed limits. A982 (including part of South Road) - redefinition of 40 mph speed limit due to above extensions of 30mph speed limits.

U190b South Bay Access Road – provision of a 40mph speed limit from a point 35 metres from its junction with A90 trunk road. to ASCO Service Base.