Have fun but stay safe at the seaside

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Now that the school holidays are here, Coastguards in Scotland are encouraging children and families to stay safe while at the beach and along the coast.

Phil MacIver, HM Coastguard sector manager at Buchan said: “We’d like to warn people against jumping into the water from cliffs and structures such as piers and bridges.

“Every year, nationally we deal with several serious injuries and some deaths as a result of this kind of activity.

“Tides make a massive difference and what may have been a deep lagoon could be just a shallow puddle only a couple of hours later. At this time of the year the water is still cold so be careful when entering the water, do it slowly and acclimatise gradually.

“Coastguards have also noticed an increase in the number of dogs that have fallen down cliffs. We’d like to warn people against attempting to rescue their dogs and encourage them to call the coastguard and ask for assistance.

“We want everyone who visits our coast to have a great time and to go home with happy memories.

““If you’re looking after children make sure that they are well supervised by adults whilst at the coast. We deal with numerous cases of lost children every year and it can be very distressing for children and adults alike.

“If you notice that someone is in difficulty, e call the coastguard on 999.”