Extra road signage debated for A90 quarry junctions

Stoneyhill landfill site
Stoneyhill landfill site
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Additional signage is set to be installed on the A90 in a bid to improve safety at junctions for the Stoneyhill Quarry, based at Longhaven.

Members of Aberdeenshire Council’s Buchan area committee will discuss the proposal when they meet in Peterhead on Tuesday.

Area councillors previously deferred an application from quarry owners SITA UK for the removal of a condition imposed regarding the requirement for junction improvement works on the TR A90 at its junctions with the C56B andU76B.

Transport Scotland raised no objection to the proposed removal of the condition, however, the area committee continued to express its concerns in relation to public safety and agreed to defer the application to allow Roads Officers to carry out a review of the visibility splays at both junctions, and the signage approaching both junctions.

They found that visibility at both junctions from the trunk road was poor on the north side.

Members will hear that neither junction is signed, in advance, on the TR A90. It would be of benefit for ‘crossroads ahead’ signs with supplementary plates “heavy plant crossing” to be erected on the TR A90 northbound approach to the C56B and the southbound approach to the U76B junctions.

SITA UK has indicated that it would be prepared to contribute towards the initial purchase and erection of additional signage, if approved by TransportScotland.