Councillor voices concern over A90 speed restriction

Councillor Jim Ingram.
Councillor Jim Ingram.
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A Central Buchan councillor has contacted BEAR Scotland after concerns were raised over the recently introduced speed restrictions on the Ellon bypass.

In a letter to BEAR Scotland, Jim Ingram said that concern had been expressed at the Mintlaw Community Council meeting on Thursday, August 22.

In the letter, cllr Ingram said: “Concerns relate to the signage being displayed which is minimal in size, design, and is lacking of any advance warning, and are of the opinion that advance warning signs are required to be located some hundred meters in advance of the restricted section advising road users of the “new traffic restrictions ahead”.

“Those restrictions appear to have been introduced with a minimum of publicity, resulting in drivers being confronted by the restriction at short notice, producing a sudden and dangerous change in driving speeds as drivers attempt, belatedly, to comply with the speed restriction, this is creating a danger that previously did not exist on this section of road.”

By contacting BEAR Scotland, cllr Ingram hopes that vastly improved signage will be arranged as soon as possible to make drivers more aware of the 30mph speed limit and to prevent drivers facing any possible confusion.